John Thompson

John Thompson had a 32-year career in corporate financial management, beginning in 1971 as an internal auditor at McGraw-Edison Company. In 1980, he and five co-workers participated in a leveraged buy-out of Toastmaster Inc. from McGraw-Edison. Mr. Thompson served in several top-management positions, as well as a board member, for Toastmaster. After the company was acquired by Salton, Inc. in January 1999, he served as senior VP and CF Officer of Salton.

Mr. Thompson holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Northern Illinois University. Now he serves on several boards, including Landmark Bank and Trust, Columbia Independent School, and the Missouri Innovation Center. Other entrepreneurial adventures have included Tiger Air Express (transportation business), Summit Travel (retail travel company), Sneezeguard Solutions LLC (small manufacturing company), and Flatbranch Pub and Brewing (which has been successful for more than 20 years).

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