Immunophotonics was founded in 2009 with a vision of a world in which cancer is no longer deadly, and in which treatment is globally affordable and accessible. As an early-stage biotech company, Immunophotonics is working to develop a cancer vaccine for the treatment of metastatic solid tumors.

Intrigued by Immunophotonics’ management team, passion, and promising initial clinical data, Centennial Investors began funding the project shortly after its inception in 2009. In addition to the capital contribution, Centennial Investors has been a valuable resource for Immunophotonics by providing feedback, support, and advice. They have also provided prominent connections and partners that might have otherwise fallen outside Immunophotonics’ reach.

Immunophotonics continues to develop their vaccination process, inCVAX, while capitalizing on their promise by receiving both equity and nonequity financing and various grants. In addition to their broad base of support, Immunophotonics is encouraged by very positive results from their first in-human clinical trial results. Patients experienced shrinkage in tumors–sometimes leading to a complete response.