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Centennial Investors is the angel-investing organization in mid-Missouri.  As a group of accredited investors, we seek to provide risk capital to high-potential start-up enterprises based in Missouri and adjoining states.  CI members work together to evaluate deal opportunities, provide constructive feedback to companies that apply for funding, and offer ongoing support to companies in which CI members invest.


Companies that apply for funding go through a multi-step screening process carried out by CI.  Members of CI decide individually whether or not they are interested in a deal opportunity and, if so, how much to invest in it.  The goals of CI are to obtain attractive returns on investments made by members and to boost entrepreneurship in mid-Missouri, the state of Missouri, and adjoining states by providing needed funding and advice to early-stage firms.

Who We Fund

Centennial Investors prefers to invest in Mid-Missouri businesses that are technology or science based and seeking an investment of $150,000-$500,000.

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