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Centennial Investors consists of accredited investors who are interested in generating an attractive long-term return on a portfolio of investments while supporting the early-stage capital needs of promising companies.

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CI Members:

  • Gain access to opportunities to invest in start-ups.
  • Collaborate with other members in screening deal opportunities and in making informed, collaborative decisions about whether or not to provide funding to a company.
  • Have the opportunity to network with and learn from over 70 successful people from Mid-Missouri.

In turn, ci offers young companies:

  • An opportunity to present its business plan for possible funding.
  • Constructive feedback if a deal opportunity is declined.
  • A measure of ongoing support if CI members invest in an enterprise.

CI holds nine member meetings between August and May.  In addition, CI’s committees and task forces meet as needed, and the organization holds special educational sessions so that memebers can learn more about various aspects of angel investing. The annual membership fee is $750 for an individual; $1,125 for a couple; and $375 for a non-resident (i.e., lives outside mid-Missouri). An accredited investor who is interested in joining CI can apply for membership or call 573.818.2929 and ask to attend a dinner meeting as a guest.